【TTV103WRF+TWG004WRF】WiFi Smart Water Timer

Item No.: TTV103WRF+TWG004WRF
Wi-Fi Controlling System is composed of watering timer TTV103FRF and hub TWG004WRF. Control your garden watering from anywhere with smart phone App. Wi-Fi hub is like a command center, all watering commands from App will transmit to watering tap timers th

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            ● Set and Check Irrigation Schedule through smartphone APP
          ● Compatible with soil moisture sensor
          ● Delay the watering schedule base on the data from sensors
          ● Manually rain delay function
          ● One WiFi timer can connect 1 rain sensor and 1 soil moisture sensor
          ● Manually ON/OFF the water timer
          ● Water flow meter function
          ● Irrigation mode and Mist mode for watering
          ● Low power consumption and low power indicator
          ● Build-in filter



           ●1" inlet with 3/4" adaptor
          ●3/4" outlet thread
          ●Working water pressure 0.5 to 8 bar(10-120PSI)
          ●Working water flow 5L/min to 35L/min
          ●IP54 waterproof
          ●Watering temperature 0℃ to 50℃ (37°F-122°F)
          ●Water timer power by DC 1.5V x 4 AA batteries
          ●Irrigation Mode:
          Watering schedule: every day or any day
          Watering frequency: Maximum 3 times per day
          Watering time: 1min to 11 h 59 m
          ●Misting Mode:
          Mist Period: 1min to 11h 59m
          Mist Working time: 5s to 59s
          Interval: maximum 15min
          ●Water timer battery life over 1 year


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Roberto De Palma
Mar 27, 2021
Could you send pls the user manual in english or (...it could be better!) in italian? In the box I found only the Deutsch version