【TCS005FRF】Wifi Soil Moisture Sensor

Item No.: TCS005FRF
It can tell you instantly whether your plants need water. With this sensor, you will know that sometimes even though the top looks dry, the soil beneath the surface is still moist--"no wonder the plants are struggling".

          ● Checking the soil humidity and temperature through APP.
          ● Check the current soil moisture through the sensor button.
          ● 5 LED lights indicate 6 levels of soil moisture levels: 20%, 40%, 60% 80% and 100%  (Volume Water Content).
          ●Set the “No Watering Moisture Level” through the sensor button, default level is 60%.
          ● RF connection with WiFi Water Timer.
          ● Low battery power indicator.
          ● IP67 water proof.


          ● Power by 3 x AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries, batteries life over 1 year.
          ● Data will be updated every 5 minutes.
          ● RF frequency 433.92MHz ASK.
          ● Soil Moisture Range 0% ~ 100% (Volume Water Content),accuracy ≤5% (0% ~ 50%)      or ≤10% (51% ~ 100%).
          ● Soil Temperature Range -10℃ ~ 60℃.



Mar 30, 2021
I know you can connect a maximum of 4 water timers per hub but how many soil moisture sensors can you connect per hub? I want to buy a hub to control 4 zones and each zone with one water timer and one soil moisture sensor . Is it possible?