【ITV102】One-Touch Digital Water Timer

Item No.: ITV102
ITV 102 digital water timer suit for micro-irrigation; Simple and beautiful appearance with bright blue color; Easily set all irrigation plans through the button.

          ● Multifunction button click
          ● Diaphragm solenoid valve
          ● Low switching valve voltage, reduce the boost time and loss in the boost process, prolong the service life of switching valves
          ● Easy to install, simple to change irrigation plan
          ● Delay functions included


          ● IP54 waterproof
          ● Inlet threaded for tap 1” F and reduction of 3/4” F.
          ● Powered by 3 AAA 1,5V Alkaline Batteries
          ● Battery compartment with O-Ring
          ● Working water pressure: 0.5 to 8.0 bar.(10-120PSI)
          ● Max flow rate: 35 L/min
          ● Irrigation frequency: every 12,24 or 48 hours
          ● Delay function: from 2 hours to 22 hours
          ● Irrigation duration: 2,5,10 and 15 mins

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