【IK10P】Watering Pump Kit

Item No.: IK10P
ITV0106 is a potted plant automatic watering product, which can regularly replenish water for the plants. Combine the pump and water timer in an automatic watering system to fetch water from the bottles or buckets, saving 70% water compared to traditional

Kit includes:

        1 x Irrigation small water pump,
          1 x 1 / 4 "micro irrigation pipe (10m),
          10x dropping arrow
          10x three links
          3 x tee barb
          3 x four links
          3 x straight barb
          1 x filter



       • Tool free: this kit has everything necessary for installation. It does not                     need special tools and is easy to install.
          • Potted plants on the office / balcony can be watered anytime, anywhere.
          • Water the potted plants on the office / balcony regularly and quantitatively.
          • There are USB and battery power supply, convenient and practical.