【IK10】Balcony Kit for Hanging Basket & Potting Plants Without Timer

Item No.: IK10
Design for hanging baskets & potting plants at your balcony.Its the perfect solution for home balcony and outdoor recreational areas.This kit includes everything needed to easily assemble of hanging baskets & potting plants with no special tools needed.

Kit includies:

            1 x Tubing Quick Connector set,
          1 x1/4"50 ft tubing (15m),
          10 x Wall peg,
          10 x PC dripper,
          10 x support stake,
          10 x tee barb,
          2 x elbow barb,
          1 x straight barb.




            ●Tool-free: This kit has everything you need for installation.
          ●Home balcony: for balcony hanging baskets & potting plants.
          ●Water efficient: Cool down without wasting water. The drip water-efficient             system requires minimal water use of 1/2 gallon of water per hour.
          ●For balcony use with cold water only. Do not use in freezing                                   temperatures.