【ITV101P】Digital Tap Timer Pro

Item No.: ITV101P
ITV101P is an intelligent tap timer valve with a battery-power supply, also regarded as a kind of time control valve. It comes with a durable alkaline battery that can be quickly installed on any standard NPT or BSP threaded faucet.


        ●Quick to Start: Multifunction knob-switch, easy setting.
        ●Easy to Read: Large LCD displays information clearly.
        ●Watering-now Program: Under “ON” mode and hold the                           “OK” button to manually watering instantly.
        ●Waterproof Case: IP54 protection level for outdoor use.
        ●Three sets of irrigation schemes: Different start times and duration can be set every day.
        ●Professional version: Solid structure, large LCD screen, multi-function.


       ● Built-in clock display.
       ● Solenoid valve.
       ● Inlet threaded for tap: 1” F and reduction of 3/4” F.
       ● Max flow rate:35L/min.
       ● Min/max operating pressure : 0.5 bar-8 bar.(10-120PSI).
       ● Working temperature: 3℃ -50 ℃ (37°F-122°F).
       ● Low battery power warning.
       ● Combined weekly plan mode: any combination day from Monday to Sunday.
       ● Interval day plan mode: Every 2 day to every 6 days
       ● Irrigation frequency: 3 timers per day.
       ● Irrigation duration: from 1 minute to 3 hours and 59 minutes.
       ● Battery power: 2 x AA batteries.

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