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We are now looking for partners from everywhere of the world!

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Author : RainPoint
Update time : 2020-03-25 16:59:03
We are now looking for partners from everywhere in the world!
About Us
Rainpoint is a Chinese export supplier with our own products of the irrigation system. Our products include Smart Watering Timers, Bluetooth Watering Controllers, Wi-Fi Watering Controllers, and Irrigation System Kits. We are aiming to bring our customers hand-free irrigation systems by controlling remotely with their phones. We desire experienced brand agents abroad who understand the landscape tools field and have their own sales markets. We are also search for individual online and offline sellers who are interested in landscape tools and smart irrigation systems.
Our Advantages
  1. We have our own oversea warehouses in the U.S. and in Australia. The stock is adequate and we can guarantee to deliver on time;
  2. Our R&D group is professional and we own our brand, trademark, and design patents;
  3. Our customer service is powerful and provides both phone services and online  services;
  4. Low minimum order quantity which can save the storage cost and reduce the stress of the stock for our partners;
Contact Us
      Address: 322 Paseo Tesoro, Walnut CA 91789 USA
      Tel: 833-381-5659
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