【IK10PW】Wifi smart watering pump kit

Item No.: IK10PW
Wifi smart watering pump kit can water the potted plants on the office / balcony anytime and anywhere. Even if you travel outside, turn on your mobile phone and you can water your plants.

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Kit includes:

           1 x WiFi irrigation small water pump,
          1 x 1 / 4 "micro irrigation pipe (10m),
          10x dropping arrow
          10x three links
          3 x tee barb
          3 x four links
          3 x straight barb
          1 x filter
          USB cable


           • Tool-free: this kit has everything necessary for installation.
            It does not need special tools and is easy to install.

          • Potted plants on the office/balcony can be watered anytime,

          • Flow rate can be up to 20 potted flowers at the same time.
          • When the network is disconnected, the watering can be
            continued according to the established procedure.






            • Watering frequency: every 1-24 hours, every 1-7 days.
          • Watering time: 1-60 seconds, 1-30 minutes.
          • Manual irrigation, open at any time, delay irrigation, accurate water                        output.
          • With a lift of 3 meters, the flowers on the shelf windowsill are                                  all supplied with water under pressure.
          • Powered by USB or 4 * AA batteries
          • Low power prompt, water shortage shutdown, host protection.
          • Flow rate can be up to 20 potted flowers at the same time.



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